Sunday, March 11, 2007

Staying Up To Date

I'm going to use Impulsestorm to write from now on, so this blog is temporary. Impulsestorm is a utility my friend Tommy made-- it integrates Jabber, a blogging tool, and probably does some other things. I'm not quite sure-- he hasn't given me the login information yet so I haven't been able to try it. In the meantime I'm keeping time as usual, trying to get back on the wagon and write a little every day.

I promised earlier that I was going to write about my life, and I'm not going to renege on that promise. Here's a list of future topics, all of which are implicitly prefixed with the word "My":

*attendance at a Prestigious University and related desire to throw myself in front of a train
*Observations about popular culture, race, religion, and socioeconomic status at said Prestigious University
*tenure as a Chemistry Monkey and ongoing evolution into a Chemistry proto-hominid
*Hand wringing on a variety of subjects ranging from mathematics to literature

And maybe if you're very very lucky I will write a sonnet or something; I've been having fever dreams about a science textbook written in iambic pentameter. Anyway all of this will be segregated into sections, so if you are abhorred by my views on the zoning permit application process but thrill at my essays on total gum replacement surgery or my memeological analysis of the latest top-of-the-pops radio single, you will have the option of reading one without going anywhere near the other.

My spellchecker is crying foul over the word "memeological." When you search Google for it, the first result begins

"This is the same memeological mechanism that I talked about using with vloggersations."

Naturally I had to Google the word "vloggersation" to see what would happen. The second result contained the word "vlogvertising." in the first sentence. I Googled "vlogvertising" and much to my dismay, no more funny words came out. Damn. I thought I had discovered a new technique.

This reminds me: The Internet, somewhere along the line, became self aware. Moments later, it became self obsessed. The most popular topic of conversation on the Internet is... The Internet. See? I'm doing it right now. It's because the Internet is made out of people, and people want to talk to each other-- but to talk to someone beyond "howdyhowzitgoin" you need a common interest. What common interest do all Internet users have? Yup.

This has precedent, actually. Amateur Radio had same problem for the same reason. Enthusiasts spent endless hours building and buying rigs and antennas, only to hear in faint CW:
"What rig are you using?" (I was going to type the slick Ham Radio abbreviation for that, but I'd be putting on airs and I can't find it quickly anyhow. Maybe I'll ask my pa.)

Internet in jokes and rampant self-referentiality aren't that big of a problem yet, but they're worth keeping an eye on. They could end up altering the globoculture, or the memeosphere, or the macrosocial vloggersation, or any number of other ill defined abstractions with dubious use. Oh oh oh! Maybe I'll write a book about it!


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